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About Us

The Paper Circus is the work of Hamilton based, illustrator and designer, Stefanie Kalman. The Paper Circus produces many fine art prints, paper goods, and special, one of a kind designs.

With a playful style, this working artist takes her childlike state of wonder and makes the most awesome-est designs for the child in all of us. Whether you are looking for a card for that special someone, or maybe looking to spice up your little one’s nursery with some new prints, or maybe you’re just one of those people who can never remember what day it is, and are looking for a super-cute calendar, Stefanie has all your design needs covered.

The Paper Circus was officially started in 2013, after this long time, sketchbook-carrying, scribbler took the advice of her friends and set up her own shop. Since that day she has never looked back and can now be found hiding behind a giant smile and a mountain of sketches.

Meet our Team

Stefanie Kalman
Stefanie KalmanOwner, Illustrator
Stefanie is the mind and pen behind all the illustrations and products on this website.
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Ethan Kalman
Ethan KalmanDirector Of Operations
Ethan handles all the day to day duties needed to make sure all of our patrons are happy boys and girls.
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NapoleonCreative Consultant, Dog
Napoleon plays a fundamental part of our business; he reminds us to be youthful and playful.
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Come on, leave the mainstream behind; run away and join our circus!